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How I Start My Trade:

I start learning how to sew back in 1961 when I was 8 years old in a tailor shop in the Dominican Republic.After school I always go inside the shop and imitate what I saw.Eventually, I develope a knack for garments, especially on my own.I start taking apart my own clothing, I want to see how they figure out the measurements.In 1970 I move to Catano, Puerto Rico I open my first tailor shop just shortly before moving to New York City to realize my dream.In New York City, in 1974 I start working in a leather factory , The foreman thought I was very good, but I didn' have any speed, so I start challenge the others workers and eventually became the fastes in the factory.In Manhattan New York I receive a formal education that help me cement my success as a master leather craftman.I took design classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, My teacher always said to me "Felix, what are you doing here?" I was ready to open my own leather shop.Today I own a leather store and a leather factory in a shopping center in Palmyra, PA, close to Wal-Mart making high quality butter soft lambskin leather clothing each garments bears the ( Fermin)  my name brand label; so went you see  a Fermin collection  Palmyra, PA label in your leather apparel that was made in the USA by Penn Leather inc.I love what I'm doing; I look forward to show to the world the great talent that GOD gave me.                                               FELIX G. FERMIN

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